A little bit of heaven on earth

One of the things I have learned through my illness is to become more grateful. Gratitude has been a big part of the healing process. Recognizing the blessings that I receive each day no matter how small or big, helps me become more positive, hopeful, happy and even healthy. These blessings come in different forms and ways, even as people — and I like to call them my Angels.


In this life, we encounter a lot of challenges, failures and obstacles but we are able to overcome these with the help of our Angels. Through this entry, I would like to share with you who my Angels are, how they help me towards my full healing and how much I appreciate and thank them for everything that they do for me and to others that they care for and influence.   

My Archangels: They are my daily warriors. They sacrifice a lot of their time caring and helping me towards my way to full recovery. They have been my foundation since the beginning of my journey.

Aissa – As my older sister, she never fails to check up on everything I do everyday. She is very involved in my road to recovery through the food that I eat, medicine I take and the care that I get. She tries her best to finish work early so she can come to spend time with me together with pasalubong of my favorite food.  I really appreciate the daily motivational photos and quotes she sends me daily to brighten up my day. I’m very lucky to have such a loving, responsible and thoughtful sister.


Bea – Bea, my younger sister, is my everyday buddy. She willingly became my extra hands and feet — she helps me in tasks that I cannot do for myself. Not to mention, she is always with me during any of my procedures – chemotherapy, surgeries, Spain or even a doctor’s appointment. Together with me, she has grown so much over the past year and a half. She is my best friend and I will be sad when she goes back to school soon.

Tita Nessie – No one can ask for a more caring and loving stepmother. My stepmother, Nessie, brings me serenity amidst my whirlwind condition. I always look forward to her hygienic care when she has the time – she gives the best sponge baths, facials and massages! Her caring touch not only gives me relaxation and peace but her love as well. But most of all, she encourages the importance of prayer and faith through leading the daily rosary and daily holy communion.


Tita Lala – Tita Lala has been such a blessing to me. She has helped me start and build my relationship with God. I always look forward to our talks because she helps me realize and understand my suffering and purpose. She is a breath of fresh, sunshine after a rainy day and my personal angel.

My amazing Barkada – I am so lucky to have 15 angels personified as my barkada, DiQlueca. Yes – we have a name — we were young and funny to have named our group. But I am so proud to be part of this group of ladies who are strong, talented, intelligent, caring, loving and loyal. They have been part of my foundation and have willingly taken on this cross with me. They have never left my side and continuously show their love in so many unexpected and exciting ways. I am eternally grateful for everything that they have done and continue to do for me.



My Special Angels: These are incredible people who have surprised me with their love and kindness. I may not see them very often but their actions make me feel that they are just right beside me.

Tara – This girl is amazing, talented and determined. A work acquaintance turned into a caring friend. I am so glad that she was there during my operation in Spain. Despite her heavy MBA workload, she managed to take care of me in the hospital for some nights to give my family a break. She was so helpful with the language barrier as well.

Tara, we still have our goals and travel dreams to fulfill…I’ll see you very soon!

Tin&Toby – This dynamic duo, Tin & Toby, have been friends of mine since college. Ever since day one of my illness, they were already in the hospital sending their love with some goodies. I love receiving visits from them because we always reminisce about the past but also try plan the future.

Tin&Toby, I’m expecting a visit from you love birds soon!

Bella – I never thought I would find true friends in college, but I was wrong — Bella has not only partied, traveled, and studied with me, she now also comforts, encourages and cares for me.


Bugoy – Even if Bugoy is a thousand miles away, she continues to send her love in many ways — through a simple card, or a lipstick but most of all I was very happy to have spent time with her when she visited the Philippines.

Bugs, you promise to make me crash at your place when I come visit? 🙂 

Gab – Gab is my sister’s fiance. Even if Gab and I aren’t that close, his support feels like a brother to me. I’m also glad that his first tattoo was related to my conviction and tattoo of never giving up.

gab tat

Reena – Never did I expect to find real friends at my work place, until I met Reena. Having the same loud, strong and flamboyant personality as mine, it was no surprise that we would instantly click. Reena has shown me so much love and support — shout out for the ambulance arrangement Reen! I love this bride-to-be to death.


Riss – Even at 36 weeks pregnant, Riss never hesitated to rush to hospital during my first operation. Riss is definitely my big sister at my work place and still continues to be outside of it.


Arvie – From being my boss to my mentor and now a great friend, Arvie continues to inspire me with his kindness, understanding and wisdom. In spite of his busy schedule, he still finds time to check up on me from time to time.


Jao – From sharing drinks to sharing life moments, my friendship with this girl has bloomed into one that can last a lifetime. I’m glad that we have become closer throughout my journey, master! 


To all of my Angels, thank you for me making me realize that I am not alone in this battle. Thank you for helping me grow and change for the better. But most of all, I am able to experience God through each and everyone of you.

To you, I hope that you too recognize your Angel/s and take the time to thank him or her for whatever good influence she/he has done or continues to do for you. 🙂

Always with a grateful and changed heart,



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