Missing Person Report

How do you get that spark back again? How do you pick yourself up dust yourself off and walk again?

I feel like I’m losing myself – overwhelmed in fact. With everything’s that happened in the last 3 months, I have have been mustering in a dark hole where I can’t see the light and stairs. Before, despite any new complication – I still had my chin up, #PositivePia, I used to call myself. Now with fluid in my lungs, pneumonia, a very intense bone infection, the cancer creeping up to my upper extremities — I am so exhausted. I feel like I can’t catch a break.

Everyone is still fighting, doing  their best to keep me comfortable but where am I? Being negative and not seeing their efforts. I hate it though when people tell me, “I know how you feel..” Which drives me crazy because honey, you don’t so shut up. 

I wanna stop being negative. I want to what I want to for the remaining time that will be lent for me.

I need the old Positive Pia back. Can you please tell me if you find her?


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